Image by Kari Shea

Porn & Sex Addiction

What You Can Expect

Porn and sex addictions have a lot more to them than porn and sex. That is why I take a more holistic approach while working with individuals overcoming these obstacles.

Porn and sex addictions often have deep-seated, underlying roots in anxiousness, stress, depression, fear, and many other forms of distress. These distressing elements of life often serve as the catalyst for porn and sex addictions. 

I provide a compassionate, judgement free environment in which we will focus on reducing experiences of guilt and shame, and identifying the unique catalysts which move you toward porn and/or sex. Once we reduce shame and identify your unique catalysts, we will be able to find alternative ways of managing those distressing experiences in healthy, productive ways.

Reducing shame, and increasing constructive ways of dealing with distress will decrease impulses to use porn and sex to escape feelings of discomfort. Additionally, this process will increase experiences of confidence, gratitude, and overall wellness. Take the first step toward recovery today.